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The Parkallen Community League is involved in planning for the future of our community. With large projects in the works, including the 109 Street Area Renewal Plan, the Flood Mitigation strategy, and the South Campus Development Plan, changes are coming for Parkallen. The city and the university hold engagement events around most developments and planning changes. Your Civics committee advocates for the best interests of Parkallen at these events, and at project specific meetings throughout the year.

Our voice is important.

If you’re interested in helping out, we have volunteer opportunities ranging from small, one-time projects to longer term involvement.

Links and resources

Edmonton Zoning Map

Parkallen Flood Mitigation – Dry Pond

Epcor is now handling the City’s Flood Mitigation Implementation.  Our senior engineer has moved to Epcor and we have been assigned a Design Consultant.  Design of the Parkallen Drypond will start in 2018 and community consultation and public engagement will resume by the end of 2017.

Neighbourhood of Infill Checklist

If community residents receive a Neighbours of Infill Brochure notifiying them of demolition, Class A Development Permit or Class B Variance Application Notification they should follow the recommendations found here. 

Residential Infill Construction Guide

This will orient home owners with how construction of residential infill should occur and what is expected of developers, found here.

Evolving Infill 2.0 

Medium & High Density Infill is coming to Transit Oriented Developing Zones which include Parkallen which will bring greater impact.

Development Inquiries

Regarding Class B variance notification or rezoning applications.

Peli Manor

What We Heard Report from the November 7, 2017 Open House
Parkallen Civics' Response to the City's What We Heard Report

Community letters to Council: